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08 March 2018

Case Zoom

In our next case we want to tell you about another gaming vlog Zoom. This vlog has managed to achieve impressive results, increasing the number of its subscribers in almost 25 times in 5 months of using SetQuest.

At the end of September the blogger posted a link to the Quest under one of his videos.

Link to the Quest:

You just need to subscribe to the channel and like the video to receive a bonus.

The total increase in the number of the subscribers has amounted to 76,776 and the average daily increase of the subscribers was about 500 people per day.

The Zoom channel representative Yegor Radionov told us about his experience of using SetQuest:

Thanks to SetQuest, I finally managed to convert my viewers to subscribers.

I can say with confidence that my expectations of the service were fulfilled by 100%.

When creating Quests, I tried to focus on what may be interesting to my audience and, as you can see, it was a good decision. I used to give out links to extra content for free, but now I began to close them in the Quests. So now people do not just download, but also subscribe and like. Perfect!

I already have some ideas for the future bonuses, so I’m going to continue to work with SetQuest with no doubts.


Zoom channel:

Yegor Radionov:

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