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07 March 2018

Case Dr Hack

Gaming vlogs are very popular on YouTube nowadays. In this article we want to tell you about the YouTube channel “Dr Hack”, which focuses on games and apps for Android devices. This case is a perfect example of how by using SetQuest you can quickly increase the number of your subscribers from almost a zero to 86 000.

Dr Hack invites his viewers to download the mod for the game “Jurassic Survival”, by placing a link to the Quest under one of his videos.

The link to the Quest:

As the result, Dr Hack has increased the number of his subscribers in more than 4 times from 1500 to 6350 in just the first month of using SetQuest.

And now he has already reached 86 000 subscribers!

The channel representative Ruslan Krutov has shared with us his experience of using SetQuest:

Now I’m absolutely sure that SetQuest provides me with a unique and reliable tool to develop my channel.

The main goal for me was to increase the number of my subscribers and SetQuest fully met my expectations. It’s simple, efficient and free.

Also I’d like to note the technical support of the service, as all problems were resolved easily and in a short time.

I am currently using SetQuest and I’m not planning to stop in the future.


Dr Hack Channel:

Ruslan Krutov:

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