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Why SetQuest?

  1. What is SetQuest? SetQuest is a tool that allows you to boost the activity of your audience, by creating Quest pages.
  2. How does it work? SetQuest can check the activity of your followers, such as Subscription or Likes in different social networks.
  3. But no one does anything for free! Exactly! So, think of some motivation that you can engage your followers with and then lock it in the Quest! It can be anything from some extra content to promo-code for a discount.
  4. So how can I create my own Quest?
    1. Find a motivation.
    2. Create a Quest through our website.
    3. Put a link to your Quest under the video or post on your page and tell your followers that they can find a bonus if they follow this link.
    4. Lean back on your chair, relax and enjoy the result!
  5. And how do I know that everything is honest? SetQuest checks the actions of users who clicked on the link. Only the one who correctly completed the task will have access to your steep content.

Reasons to use SetQuest

It’s Easy!

You don’t need to learn the code or
buy a website, all you need is already
in our Quest Builder.


This way of sharing the content
will help you to increase the number of
your subscribers and likes in 5 or more times

It’s Efficient!

Some of our users managed to reach
100 000 subscribers from almost
a zero in just a month!

It’s On the Level!

Using our service doesn’t involve
dealing with fake accounts or spam!

It’s Unique!

We are simply the first in the market!

Regular updates!

A lot of new and useful
awaits you in the future!

First bloggers
have already
experienced the
growth of activity!

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